( ( Festival of Colors ) )

* * Celebrating Creative Consciousness * *

This website began with the Seed of Life

All creations start with a seed, a pod of potential. From the seed sprouts new life and the beauty of creation unfolds before us. And with what once started as a tiny seed, now blooms to reveal the ever-present and perfectly abundant universe in which we live. Never underestimate the potential of a seed!

The Seed of Life as a Symbol

The Seed of Life is a beginning, a beautiful and glorious start to an unfolding and an expanding. Consisting of seven interlacing spheres, this formation is a pod of potential, contained within it all creative possibility. It is open to continue to grow, to flower so to speak. As it expands and blooms it will eventually become what is called the Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry. The Flower of Life is known to hold all forms of creation within its lattice.

The Seed of Life is about radiance, this glowing formation of spheres, this bubble of potential, is opening to the growth of itself and attracting to it, the likeness of itself in order to bloom & expand in beauty, simplicity, and grace... this form holds within, the formula for successful flowering of all existing potentials. And so it is.